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In addition to offering high-quality food, we also set ourselves the goal of operating sustainably. Not only do we work in an energy-efficient and (food) waste-reducing way, but we also use environmentally friendly materials and high-quality food.


For us, sustainability is also diversity. Employees from over 29 nations strive every day in our restaurants and canteens for your well-being. A colorful team of women and men, different religions and different age groups contribute to your well-being in front of and behind the scenes.

We are organic

In our menus, we label all organic foods that are processed in the dishes.


Organic & fair trade

We offer organic & fair trade coffee from the “Alt Wien Kaffee” brand to support farmers. 80% of coffee is produced by 25 million smallholder families who own less than 10 hectares of land. Many live on less than US$2 (PPP) a day, often in remote areas, and face multiple challenges. FAIRTRADE is a holistic concept that helps smallholder families to break out of this spiral.

Coffee grounds sensibly used

Coffee grounds represents a valuable resource that must be used in the interest of sustainability. The cooperation with Hut & Stiel makes this possible for the first time. The young company uses the collected coffee grounds as food for their regionally produced oyster mushrooms. These are grown within the city limits of Vienna and delivered by cargo bike after the harvest.


We make reuse simple with Vytal

With Vytal reusable containers, we are helping to reduce the huge amounts of packaging waste that is currently still associated with the consumption of take-away food.

YYTAL containers can be used at least 200 times and are already better than disposable containers after 10 uses.

Thank you that we have already saved so much take-away packaging!

Reuse from the very first coffee: myCoffeeCup

In cooperation with myCoffeeCup we offer the ecologically valuable reusable cup system for coffee to go. This saves valuable resources in production and reduces the massive waste problem. The myCoffeeCup was specially designed for hot drinks. The reusable cup can be reused up to 500 times and has been certified with the Austrian eco-label. When it has reached the end of its life cycle, it is processed into toys.

Porridge, juices and co in a glass

Avoiding packaging waste and reducing plastic packaging is very important to us. That’s why we have glass packaging for porridge, juices and co. The empty glasses of these products can be left in the kitchen, from where they are taken to be cleaned and later reused. This saves large amounts of packaging waste every year and helps to protect our environment.